Bioinformatics skills are indispensable in today's life science projects. SIB supports the Swiss Universities and University hospitals not only through its bioinformatics core resources, but also by embedding bioinformaticians in the various research labs.

There are more and more bioinformaticians physically collocated with researchers in wet labs: so-called “embedded bioinformaticians”. Their presence in the research groups is a real advantage, as they can provide direct guidance on how to design experiments, how to manage and analyse data, and the optimized use of the various bioinformatics tools.

The embedded bioinformaticians can take advantage of the SIB expert network, which they can consult continuously to benefit from state-of-the-art expertise and support in the field.

Apply here to become an SIB embedded bioinformatician.

List of SIB-embedded bioinformaticians:

Embedded bioinformatician Institution SIB host group
Lisandra Aguilar Bultet University of Bern Joachim Frey Laurent Falquet
Hatice Akarsu Egger University of Bern   Laurent Falquet
Bulak Arpat  University of Lausanne  David Gatfield  Mark Ibberson
Emmanuel Beaudoing  University of Lausanne   Keith Harshmann Mark Ibberson
Olivier Bignucolo  University of Lausanne   Stephan Kellenberger Vincent Zoete & Olivier Michielin
 Sandra Calderon University of Lausanne  Sylvain Pradervand  Mark Ibberson
Gina Cannarozzi  University of Bern  Zerihun Tadele  Mark Ibberson
Yann Christinat Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève Thomas A. McKee Valérie Barbié
Natacha Civic University of Geneva Mylène Docquier Mark Ibberson
Isaac Crespo _ _ Mark Ibberson
Céline Delucinge-Vivier University of Geneva Mylène Docquier Mark Ibberson
Mathilde Foglierini Perez _ _ Mark Ibberson
Nicolas Guex _ _ Mark Ibberson
Sten Ilmjärv University of Geneva Karl-Heinz Krause Mark Ibberson
Vidhya Jagannathan University of Bern Tosso Leeb Mark Ibberson
Abdullah Kahraman University Hospital of Zurich Martin Zoche Valérie Barbié
Marion Leleu University of Lausanne _ Mark Ibberson
Frédéric Masclaux University of Lausanne Ian Sanders Mark Ibberson
Edoardo Missiaglia CHUV Laurence de Leval Mauro Delorenzi
Sylvain Pradervand University of Lausanne Keith Harshman (GTF) Mark Ibberson
Julien Prados University of Geneva Alexandre Dayer Mark Ibberson
Chris Rands University of Geneva Serge Nef Evgeny Zdobnov
Ana Rodriguez Sanchez-Archidona University of Lausanne Bernard Thorens Mark Ibberson
George Rosenberg University of Basel _ Torsten Schwede & Thierry Sengstag
Olivier Schaad University of Geneva _ Mauro Delorenzi
Michaela Schwaiger Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research _ Michael Stadler
Rick Wertenbroek _ _ Carlos-Andrés Peña-Reyes
Stefan Wyder University of Zürich _ Christian von Mering