Raphael Gottardo

Translational Data Science

Raphael Gottardo

The Translational Data Science (TDS) group focuses on developing novel computational tools, statistical methods and machine learning algorithms for the analysis of high-throughput and high-dimensional datasets generated by novel assay technologies with applications in immunology, vaccine research and immunotherapy.

We collaborate with multiple research groups locally, nationally and internationally to address important immunological problems through high-dimensional modeling and data integration.

Core facility activities

The TDS-facility group provides the statistics, bioinformatics and computational services to molecular biology and applied research labs and private companies. We actively participate in fundamental and translational research by providing expertise in data analysis. Find out more about the TDS-facility activities.

Here are some of the key services we provide:

  • Oncology and Immunotherapy
  • Single-Cell and Bulk Multi-Omics
  • Statistics and Machine Learning
Domain(s) of application
Medicine and health
Domain of activity
Core facilities / services