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Faces of bioinformatics

A career in bioinformatics? Take a look at what drives our Biocurators, Software Developers or Bioinformaticians in their daily activities.

All kinds of roads lead to bioinformatics

SIB Members come from a wide range of educational backgrounds 

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Interview series for the SIB Bioinformatics Awards:

  • Zoltán Kutalik – Laureate of the 2008 SIB Early Career Bioinformatician Award and now Group Leader of the Statistical Genetics Group
  • Julien Roux – Laureate of the 2009 SIB Best Swiss Bioinformatics Graduate Paper Award and now Bioinformatician in Robert Ivanek's group
  • Aitana Lebrand – Laureate of the 2010 SIB Early Career Bioinformatician Award and working now as a Clinical Bioinformatics Project Manager in the Clinical Bioinformatics Group
  • Christophe Dessimoz – Laureate of the 2012 SIB Early Career Bioinformatician Award and now Group Leader of the Laboratory of Computational Evolutionary Biology

Swiss Bioinformatics: More than data

Discover the spirit behind Switzerland’s vibrant community of scientists dedicated to making sense out of biological data: from software developers, biocurators and bioinformaticians, to researchers that use the tools and software to advance our understanding of life.