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Why join SIB?

  • Join a Swiss organization spearheading the field of data- and computer science applied to biomedical information and benefiting from international recognition;
  • Belong to a community sharing a passion for making a positive impact on society;
  • Exchange knowledge and experience within an extensive network of over 800 colleagues with various skills and diverse backgrounds;
  • Integrate a collegial and friendly work atmosphere that fosters social interactions and that is supported by strong Equality, Diversity and Inclusion values;
  • Improve your work-life balance:
    • Flexible working hours, including possibility to work from home or part-time depending on the position;
    • 6 weeks of holidays per year;
    • Local benefits through partner institutions;
    • Attractive family leave modalities.

Faces of bioinformatics

A career in bioinformatics? Take a look at what drives our Biocurators, Software Developers or Bioinformaticians in their daily activities.

All kinds of roads lead to bioinformatics

SIB Members come from a wide range of educational backgrounds 

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Scientific excellence at heart

Meet some of the great scientists in our community: winners of an SIB Bioinformatics Award, they told us about their career development and their vision of the field.

Swiss Bioinformatics: More than data

Discover the spirit behind Switzerland’s vibrant community of scientists dedicated to making sense out of biological data: from software developers, biocurators and bioinformaticians, to researchers that use the tools and software to advance our understanding of life.