As an SIB Member, you can find on this page how to access or request any relevant information you may need (e.g. members regulations, arrival/departure of members in your groups).

  • From Communications to Finances, find out how our support functions can help you;
  • Access the General Terms and Conditions relating to training or recommendations for open science licensing;
  • As a Group Leader, to invite a new member in your group, please submit your request here. To announce a member’s departure, please contact us;
  • Access our brand identity and templates, to convey our purpose as Data scientists for life in a coherent way to our partners and stakeholders;

Request one of the following policies:

  • Member Regulations, including Group Leaders and General Membership
  • SIB Data Breach Guidelines
  • Directive on the use of analytic tools for SIB’s websites
  • Master Policy on Data Protection and Security
  • Policy on internal control and signing authorities
  • Policy on Trainees and PhD students
  • Policy on integrity in scientific research