Discover the SIB Remarkable Outputs 2019, a list of ‘must-read’ works by SIB Members produced in 2019 and selected by a committee of SIB Group Leaders and Researchers. Additional links and coverage will be added as they become available.


About the SIB Remarkable Outputs

Bioinformatics is a discipline in itself, with a culture of its own. Staying abreast of the latest advances and bright ideas emerging in the field is challenging. In 2019, SIB Members contributed for instance to hundreds of publications, on a range of topics. To provide the global bioinformatics community with the 'must-reads' of the year by SIB Scientists, the SIB Remarkable Outputs were launched. Their selection follows a rigorous process conducted by a committee* of SIB Group Leaders and Researchers. Peer-reviewed publications as well as preprints, software tools, databases, videos, etc. are eligible. The yearly SIB Remarkable Outputs focus on the achievements of the community of SIB Members, and are thus complementary to the SIB Awards, which are taking place every two years and single out scientists and resources at the national and international levels (meet the 2019 laureates). The next edition of the SIB Awards will be announced in fall 2020.

CoalRe: A framework for phylogenetic inference on reassortment networks 

What the committee said about the work: "Analyzing evolution in the presence of recombination and reassortment is one of the major open problems in phylogenetics. This is an original contribution to a very challenging computational problem."


Deciphering interaction fingerprints from protein molecular surfaces using geometric deep learning

What the committee said about the work: "A very nice approach to capitalize on machine learning to analyze protein structures.The bioinformatics approach developed is innovative and essential to developing effective therapeutics."


Enzyme annotation in UniProtKB using Rhea

What the committee said about the work: "The shift from Enzyme Commission numbers to Rhea reactions is a huge step forward. There is little doubt that this will facilitate reuse and computational analysis of metabolic pathways and other reaction-based bioinformatics."


Genomic signatures accompanying the dietary shift to phytophagy in polyphagan beetles

What the committee said about the work: "The authors have put together an impressive arsenal of resources and competences: an example of what computational biology can achieve. The method is very well explained and easy to follow."


LEMMI: A continuous benchmarking platform for metagenomics classifiers

What the committee said about the work: "The tool may become a great asset to microbial research. It allows to close the gap of metagenomic classifier benchmarks by offering a flexible, standardized framework."


Robust prediction of HLA class II epitopes by deep motif deconvolution of immunopeptidomes

What the committee said about the work: "This is an impressive contribution of a well thought out computational biology "driving" the biology. Substantial efforts went into benchmarking, the code is available and well documented, and the work is also provided as a web service."


*Selection committee: Amos Bairoch, Luciano Cascione, Christophe Dessimoz, Frédérique Lisacek, Charlotte Soneson, Andrzej Stasiak, Robert Waterhouse, Mihaela Zavolan