Excellence in bioinformatics is acknowledged through the Bioinformatics Awards, launched by SIB in 2008. The 2021 laureates were announced during the [BC]2 Basel Computational Biology Conference held in September: the Bioinformatics Resource Innovation Award went to Nextflow.

Speaker: Cédric Notredame, Center for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona
This video is available under the creative commons license CC-BY-4.0

Nextflow: Flowing in love with data, again and again

The Bioinformatics Resource Innovation Award, recognizing a groundbreaking resource, was “unanimously attributed to Nextflow, a free open-source software to write, create, maintain and deploy data intensive and highly scalable workflows on any infrastructure, (…) omnipresent in bioinformatics and beyond, with more than 8,000 active developers in the world,” said the Awards Committee. The talk was delivered by Cédric Notredame from the Center for Genomic Regulation in Barcelona on behalf of the team that contributed to the development of the tool, which offers a framework for efficient and reproducible genomic computation.


Di Tommaso P, et al. Nextflow enables reproducible computational workflows. Nature biotechnology 2017.

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