Excellence in bioinformatics is acknowledged through the Bioinformatics Awards, launched by SIB in 2008. The 2021 laureates were announced during the [BC]2 Basel Computational Biology Conference held in September: Heba Sailem received the Early Career Bioinformatician Award.

Speaker: Heba Sailem, Institute of biomedical engineering at the University of Oxford
This video is available under the creative commons license CC-BY-4.0

Inference of multi-scale and context-dependent gene functions from genetic perturbation screens

The Early Career Bioinformatician Award went to Heba Sailem, Research Fellow at the Institute of biomedical engineering at the University of Oxford. “Heba received the award in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the field of bioinfoinformatics and bioimaging, and in particular for her design and development of innovative systems for knowledge and context dependent gene function prediction” said the Award Committee. Indeed, genes can have different functions in different contexts: olfactory receptors for instance are useful for smell but are also involved in cancer and its progression. Understanding and predicting this is the aim of the framework developed by Heba Sailem.

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