In 25 years, SIB has grown from a handful of visionary scientists to a nationwide organization delivering essential services and resources to millions of users – researchers, clinicians, industry and governments alike. On our agenda for the coming years are some of the pivotal challenges faced by life sciences, including making open research data a reality, leveraging -omics data for better health, contributing to the environmental effort. We are launching a new website to better reflect who we are today and how we see the future, with a modern brand identity reflecting the intersection between organic and digital. 

Implementing best practices in data protection, accessibility, making training content FAIR

  • Your data security matters to us, and our website adopts privacy-friendly technologies, including the GDPR-compliant Matomo analytics solution, and mailing management platform Brevo;
  • We used alternative text (alt-text) for images, contrasted colours and a clear navigation to optimize accessibility;
  • Structured metadata in the form of Schemas are in place to improve the pages’ discoverability by search engines. For instance, our course-related pages include training-specific BioSchemas to align with FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) principles. Read the paper 

25 years of data scientists for life: looking back and into the future

SIB was created in 1998 with the aim of sustaining essential infrastructure for life science research. From 5 groups at inception to a federation of 88 service and research groups in 2023, the institute has become the reference organisation for biological and biomedical data science in Switzerland.

Learn about our history

As set forth in our vision, we are convinced that expertise with life science data is key to solving many of the world’s most pressing challenges. By unlocking the potential of biological and biomedical data, we aim to generate knowledge and innovate for a better future.

To support and materialize this vision, we have thus reviewed the content architecture of our website, improved the overall navigation and created new pages. 

Discover for instance: 

  • the flagship projects our teams are working on, from national platforms and secure IT networks to diagnostic tools and public-private European projects;
  • our national bioinformatics network and the community-driven initiatives it brings to life;
  • our coordination activities which facilitate collaboration between disciplines, institutions and across borders;

The new website project in a few facts

  • Project, content and design led by the Communications & Scientific Events team 
  • Back-end and front-end development by the IT team
  • Wireframing and UX aspects supported by the IT and Resource Biodata team 
  • Supported at each step by an advisory team composed of members of every SIB Hub group (incl. content architecture, design, user testing, etc.)

We are human-based, data-driven and impact-oriented – so is our new brand identity

Our activities are at the cross-road between cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (read more) and human expertise (see where we invest the funds we secure). They impact life and society across a range of domains, such as personalized healthbiodiversitypandemic preparedness or agriculture.

The brand identity we adopted reflects these different facets: modern and impactful colours ranging from warm pink to electric blue; graphic elements that play around the themes of digitalization, data integration, biology, big data; and contemporary fonts that reflect precision, analysis and innovation.

Our logo has also been refreshed and modernized.

Discover our brand identity

We wish you a very pleasant navigation. Do not hesitate to share your feedback with us, positive and negative, so that we can keep improving.