To better understand cardiovascular disease and optimize future prevention and treatment, 33 leading international partners have teamed up to launch the research consortium iCARE4CVD which is funded by the Innovative Health Initiative (IHI). SIB is part of this consortium, with the Vital-IT group contributing its expertise in data management and harmonization to enable the AI-supported analysis of multiple cohorts representing data from over 1 million patients.

Addressing the persistent and rising challenge of cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease continues to be a global health challenge in Europe, affecting over 85 million people and this number is still on the rise. Despite significant advances in therapy, it is still the most common cause of death, with a substantial socio-economic impact.

This calls for urgent action and has led to the formation of iCARE4CVD, funded by the Innovative Health Initiative. Short for “Individualised CARE from early risk of Cardiovascular Disease to established heart failure,” iCARE4CVD is an international public-private research consortium that has launched to better understand cardiovascular disease and optimise future prevention and treatment. The consortium brings together 33 leading international partners from civil society, academia and industry, including SIB, and is led by Maastricht University and global healthcare company Novo Nordisk.

Managing large amounts of sensitive data and making them AI-ready

To personalize the treatment and management of cardiovascular diseases, iCARE4CVD will collect data from more than 1 million patients across multiple cohorts.

This is where the expertise of SIB’s Vital-IT group comes in. They will be applying their expertise in managing large amounts of data, ensuring that it aligns with FAIR principles. Together with other partners, they will ensure that the sensitive data collected in various cohorts is harmonized to be made comparable and organized into a federated database to enable their analysis without them being shared physically. 

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“Our participation in iCARE4CVD builds on experience in previous successful collaborations in pan-European projects, such as SOPHIA and CARDIATEAM, where we also harnessed observational clinical data to address critical healthcare challenges,” says Mark Ibberson.

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This work will enable the data to be AI-ready, enabling the rollout of artificial intelligence approaches to analyze them towards the validation of personalized treatment strategies.

This project is supported by the Innovative Health Initiative Joint Undertaking (IHI JU) under grant agreement No 101112022. The JU receives support from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme and COCIR, EFPIA, Vaccines Europe, EuropaBio, MedTech Europe and JDRF International. Funded by the European Union, the private members, and those contributing partners of the IHI JU. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the aforementioned parties. Neither of the aforementioned parties can be held responsible for them.