A new workshop for classrooms, and associated resources for the public, offer the opportunity to discover the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, in particular its genome and proteins. These materials result from a partnership between SIB and the Culture and Scientific Outreach Department of the University of Lausanne (SCMS).

Since March 2020, the planet has been living at the whim of COVID-19 and at the pace of scientific research: researchers are working hard to understand the new coronavirus. The challenge is to find a treatment and/or a vaccine to protect populations.

But in fact, how is SARS-CoV-2 studied today? To answer this question, SIB and the UNIL's Culture and Scientific Outreach Department are launching a new workshop (in French), online or in person, primarily aimed at upper secondary school classes in French-speaking Switzerland (15-18 years old). 

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Alongside this workshop, resources are made available to the public in English to further understand the virus, the bioinformatic databases and tools used to study it, how current research is conducted and the challenges it faces.


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