CellCharter is an algorithmic framework to study communities of cells within tissues. Its main objective is to reveal how distinct types of cells operate and function in targeted areas. This offers deeper insights into cellular behaviour and interactions within diverse biological environments, including cancer.  CellCharter surpasses existing methods by not only identifying biologically relevant cellular niches in different contexts but also by revealing distinct spatial cancer cell states. 


In this video, you will also see how you can use CellCharter to detect artifacts from immunofluorescence data. 


If you are a cancer biologist, developmental biologist or a neuroscientist interested in cell communities, then this talk is for you! 

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Varrone M, Tavernari, D., Santamaria-Martínez, A. et alCellCharter reveals spatial cell niches associated with tissue remodeling and cell plasticity. Nat Genet 56, 74–84 (2024).