Bioinformatics a swiss perspectiveBioinformatics: A Swiss Perspective
Edited by Ron D Appel & Ernest Feytmans, SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, 2009.
Biological research and recent technological advances have resulted in an enormous increase in research data that require large storage capacities, powerful computing resources, and accurate data analysis algorithms. Bioinformatics is the field that provides these resources to life science researchers.
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Bioinformatics for dummiesBioinformatics For Dummies, 2nd Edition
Jean-Michel Claverie, Ph. D., Cedric Notredame, Ph.D, 2006.
Were you always curious about biology but were afraid to sit through long hours of dense reading? Did you like the subject when you were in high school but had other plans after you graduated? Now you can explore the human genome and analyze DNA without ever leaving your desktop!
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Computational structural biologyComputational Structural Biology
Edited by Torsten Schwede & Manuel C Peitsch, 2008.
Computational structural biology has made tremendous progress over the last two decades, and this book provides a recent and broad overview of such computational methods in structural biology. It covers the impact of computational structural biology on protein structure prediction methods, macromolecular function and protein design, and key methods in drug discovery. It also addresses the computational challenges of experimental approaches in structural biology. In addition to reviewing the current state of computational structural biology, each chapter ends with a brief, visionary discussion on the future outlook, whereby the main challenges for the coming years are elucidated. Written by an international panel of expert contributors, this book can serve as a reference manual for students and practitioners alike.
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proteome research bookProteome Research: concepts, technology and application
Wilkins, M.R.; Appel, R.D.; Williams, K.L.; Hochstrasser, D.F. (Eds.), 2007.
Proteomics is a multifaceted, interdisciplinary field which studies the complexity and dynamics of proteins in biological systems. It combines powerful separation and analytical technology with advanced informatics to understand the function of proteins in the cell and in the body. This book provides a clear conceptual description of each facet of proteomics, describes recent advances in technology and thinking in each area, and provides details of how these have been applied to a variety of biological problems.
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system modelingSystem Modeling in Cellular Biology: From Concepts to Nuts and Bolts
Edited by Zoltan Szallasi, Jörg Stelling and Vipul Periwal, 2006.
Research in systems biology requires the collaboration of researchers from diverse backgrounds, including biology, computer science, mathematics, statistics, physics, and biochemistry. These collaborations, necessary because of the enormous breadth of background needed for research in this field, can be hindered by differing understandings of the limitations and applicability of techniques and concerns from different disciplines. This comprehensive introduction and overview of system modeling in biology makes the relevant background material from all pertinent fields accessible to researchers with different backgrounds.
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