Protein Bioinformatics: Sequence-Structure-Function - Dates to be confirmed

Date 18 - 20 November 2020
Speaker(s) TBC - Elisabeth Gasteiger, Marie-Claude Blatter, Pascale Gaudet, Christian Sigrist, Christian von Mering, Amos Bairoch, Lydie Lane, Gerardo Tauriello, Ivo Pedruzzi
ECTS 0.75
Fees *academic: 180 CHF   -   for-profit: 900 CHF
Cancellation deadline 2 Nov 2020
City Basel
*academic fee includes non for-profit organisations as well as unemployed participants at the time of application.


Sequence-structure-function relationships of proteins are central to a comprehensive understanding of cellular biology. However, many proteins lack direct and detailed information regarding structure, function, and complex formation. This knowledge gap can be overcome through clearly defined relationships between proteins and the integration of existing data.

Participants will be introduced to primarily web-based tools, designed for life scientists without substantial computational training, for integration and inference of protein structure and function data. The lectures and workshops will be led by the SIB developers of these methods, with specific emphasis on translating this training to the participants' own research questions.


This course is intended for a wide audience covering Master and PhD students, post-docs, and senior researchers in all areas of life science.

Learning objectives

At the end of the course, participants are expected to:

  • identify proteins related by sequence and/or structure and integrate functional annotations from public databases
  • develop homology models of protein structure, assess their quality, and make inferences regarding function and regulation
  • integrate and interpret protein-protein interaction data
  • apply these methods to their own proteins of interest


Knowledge / competencies

This course is designed for beginners and knowledge of UNIX is not necessary.


Participants should bring a laptop with wireless connectivity and make sure they have the permission to install software if necessary.


The registration fees for academics are 180 CHF and 900 CHF for for-profit companies. This includes course content material and coffee breaks.

Deadline for registration and free-of-charge cancellation is set is set to November 2020. Cancellation after this date will not be reimbursed. Please note that participation to SIB courses is subject to our general conditions.

You will be informed by email of your registration confirmation.