2022 has been an enlightening year for data-driven discoveries across the life sciences (see key figures below). SIB has been at the very heart of this, by connecting data and people.

Ambitious nationwide coordination initiatives such as BioMedIT have made strides in connecting researchers to biomedical data. Others, like the SwissBioData ecosystem are also gaining traction: 18 partners are now sharing this vision for the future of life science research. Our portfolio of Open Science software tools and databases has grown and with it, interconnected biological data for the benefit of research. Finally, our service offering to academia and industry has further extended.

SIB’s relevance extends beyond biological sciences, to the major challenges of our time such as healthcare and conservation of biodiversity. Thanks to your trust and support, SIB is able to have a strong impact on these topics.

In 2023, we look forward to sparking more connections, and to celebrate 25 years of SIB, a momentous milestone. And as we come together to celebrate at this special time, we wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year!

The BioMedIT network, the infrastructure set up by SIB to ensure the secure processing of health-related data all over Switzerland, is just one of the ways that connections have been formed. Find out more in the SIB Profile 2022.

SIB’s 2022 in review

From the coordination side:

  • Sharing health data for research
    • 2.8 Petabytes of data on BioMedIT
    • 60+ projects served by BioMedIT
  • 18 participants in SwissBioData ecosystem proposal
  • Centralizing Swiss SARS-CoV-2 sequences: 150,000 sequences in the Swiss SARS-CoV-2 data hub (i.e. the Swiss Pathogen Surveillance Platform)


From the Open Science resources side:

  • 14 SIB Resources
  • 2.5 million users of the SIB Resources every month


From the centre of excellence side:

  • 64 employees providing their expertise to public and private research
  • 60 bioinformatics courses given
  • 14 Horizon Europe funded projects we are involved in