Welcome to the latest activity report of the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics. To get a sense of its diverse nationwide community of Data scientists for life, across 80 Groups and top institutions in Switzerland, simply start browsing!

This year, you will dive into two selected topics – making sense of health data and striving for Open Knowledge – with a collection of short accounts, views and figures. Here, you will see how SIB’s leading tools and databases are used to tackle the burning matters we face as a society, from disease outbreaks and cancer to biodiversity and open science. By meeting our teams of experts in clinical bioinformatics, biocuration, training, data protection and more, you will also find out how they can support your needs.

And as always, sample some of the many research highlights and achievements of our Groups in evolution, proteins, systems biology, medicine or genes and genomes – from the importance of sugars in vaccine design to ancient DNA and powerful algorithms.