What we do

In the Evolutionary Bioinformatics Group, we are mainly concerned with determining the role of evolutionary innovation and constraint in animals. For this, we develop methods and databases to extract reliable information from genome and transcriptome data. These include Bgee, a database for gene expression evolution, and Selectome, a database of positive selection. While developing these resources, we also conduct research on ontologies, biocuration, and high-performance computing. Our biological focus is to link Evo-Devo with phylogenomics. Notably, we study the role of gene duplication in the divergence between genes and between species.

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Main publications 2020

  • Liu J and Robinson-Rechavi M
    Robust inference of positive selection on regulatory sequences in the human brain
    Sci Advances, 10.1126/sciadv.abc9863
  • Liu J et al.
    Inter-embryo gene expression variability recapitulates the hourglass pattern of evo-devo
    BMC Biology, 10.1186/s12915-020-00842-z
  • Laloum D and Robinson-Rechavi M
    Methods detecting rhythmic gene expression are biologically relevant only for strong signal
    PLOS Comput Biol, 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1007666