picture of Erik van Nimwegen

Genome Systems Biology

Erik van Nimwegen
University of Basel

The main research interest of the Genome Systems Biology (GSB) Group is the structure, function, and evolution of the genome-wide regulatory networks that cells use to control their gene expression state. Typical questions that we are trying to address include: How are the regulatory networks encoded into the genome sequence? How is this regulatory code read out by the cell? How have these regulatory networks evolved? And, are there general `design principles' to these regulatory networks? Another key interest of our group is the identification of general quantitative laws in genome evolution.

We have developed a number of computational tools for automatically reconstructing gene regulatory networks from high-throughput data, which are made available through the SIB.

The group develops the SIB Resource Swiss Regulon, a regulatory genomics portal

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Basic research
Medicine and health
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Genes and genomes