At SIB we have created the SIB PhD Training Network, a community support for PhD students carrying out their research in bioinformatics or computational biology in Switzerland. The SIB PhD Training Network aims to foster interactions and exchanges among SIB PhD students and to train them in the most up-to-date methods necessary for their doctoral research. The laureates of the SIB Fellowship Programme are among its members.

PhD students supervised or co-supervised by an SIB group leader automatically become members of the PhD Training Network. External PhD students can apply for membership.

PhD students at the end of their PhD can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. from the SIB PhD Training Network if they attended at least one annual retreat, one annual general meeting and one training activity.

The two representatives of the SIB PhD Training Network are This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. from the University Hospital of Zurich and Amel Bekkar from the SIB / Vital-IT group. Amel and Nottania are in frequent contact with the Network coordinator Gregoire Rossier (from the SIB Training group)  for matters about activities, and are also the contact persons for the members for any question, issue or suggestion.

PhD positions in bioinformatics are posted on the Jobs list. Prospective students can directly contact the Group Leaders.

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The SIB PhD Training Network is collaborating with the ISCB Regional Section Group of the Student Council in Switzerland (RSG-CH).

PhD Training Network activities

The members of the SIB PhD Training Network (TN) can benefit from the following activities:

  • International seasonal schools: Each year, the TN teams up with another PhD doctoral institution to treat a cutting-edge topic of common interest. Taking place in the Swiss mountains, the events promote interaction among the students and the internationally renowned speakers.
  • Graduate level courses: Organized in compact blocks on the campus of one of the SIB partner institutions, these courses are conceived to treat in depth key bioinformatics methodologies.
  • Retreats: these annual meetings, reserved to the TN members, combine interactive sessions in which the students can both present their work as well as network with their peers.
  • “Bioinformatics in the Chalet”: These biennial workshops are extraordinary and challenging experiences. The participants are isolated with a few faculty members and asked to work in small groups with a single aim: to come up with an original bioinformatics research project.
  • “Best practices in programming”: These hands-on annual workshops show starting PhD students how to improve the quality of their software.
  • [BC]2 and SIB Days: TN members are encouraged to attend the scientific meetings of SIB, intended to foster scientific as well as social interactions between SIB members. The annual general meeting is usually organized during this event. The next general meeting is scheduled 8 June 2016.

Upcoming PhD Training Network events