Introduction to RNA-Seq: From quality control to pathway analysis

Date 1 - 2 September 2022
Speaker(s) Wandrille Duchemin
ECTS 0.5
Fees *academic: 120 CHF   -   for-profit: 600 CHF
Cancellation deadline 14 Aug 2022
City Basel
*academic fee includes non for-profit organisations as well as unemployed participants at the time of application.


This two-day course will present the theory and bioinformatics tools required to analyze RNA-seq gene expression data, The course will present the theory and bioinformatics tools required to analyse RNA-seq gene expression data, from the raw data until the biological interpretation. The following topics will be discussed:

  • Quality control
  • Mapping to genomes & transcriptomes
  • Read counting, gene & exons differential expression analysis
  • GO enrichment and pathway analysis


This course is addressed to life scientists or bioinformaticians familiar with "Next Generation Sequencing" who wish to acquire the necessary skills to analyse RNA-seq gene expression data.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, the participants are expected to:

  • Describe advantages and pitfalls of RNA sequencing
  • Design their own experiment
  • Perform the downstream analysis using command line software (QC, mapping, counting, differential expression analysis, pathway analysis, etc)
  • Critically assess the quality of their results at each step of the downstream analysis


Knowledge / competencies

Participants should already have a basic knowledge in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) techniques.

Basic knowledge of the R statistical software and completion of an introductory course on UNIX (eg UNIX fundamentals) or equivalent knowledge is also required.


You are required to have your own Wi-Fi enabled laptop.

You should also have access to a terminal on your computer: if you are on macOS / Linux, this is already the case; if you are on Windows, you should install a terminal which lets you do ssh (for instance mobaXterm).


This course will be held in Basel.

The course will start at 9:00 and end around 17:00.

Precise information will be provided to the participants in due time.


The registration fees for academics are 120 CHF and 600 CHF for for-profit companies.

You will be informed by email of your registration confirmation. Upon reception of the confirmation email, participants will be asked to confirm attendance by paying the fees within 5 days.

Deadline for free-of-charge cancellation is set to 14/08/2022. Cancellation after this date will not be reimbursed. Please note that participation in SIB courses is subject to our general conditions.

Additional information

Coordination: Diana Marek, SIB Training Group.

We will recommend 0.5 ECTS credits for this course (given a passed exam at the end of the course).

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