What we do

We are Clinical Bioinformatics at the ETH Zurich core facility NEXUS Personalized Health Technologies. Our unit offers highly customizable bioinformatics and biostatistics services for projects in the field of biomedical research and development. We maintain close collaborations with hospitals in Switzerland, enabling and accelerating the use of top-notch data analysis, software development, and clinical decision support. Fee-for-service or joint collaboration, we aim for tailor-made full services for our clients, translating computational and analytical tools to meet their needs.

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Core facility activities

Here are some of the key services we provide (also see here):

  • Bioinformatics/biostatistical data analysis;
  • Translational research support;
  • Clinical decision support;
  • Software development.

Highlights 2018

The greatest highlight of the CBU in 2018 has been the publication of the SwissMTB project, where we have been the first in Switzerland to use comprehensive sequencing and annotation to support decision making in end-of-treatment-line melanoma patients together with USZ. We have already been able to acquire new and exciting projects, which are building on the SwissMTB framework.
In June, we organized an international conference for Personalized Health Technologies together with the PH Alliance Zurich-Basel. This event attracted researchers, clinicians, and core facilities alike, exchanging on the latest developments with regard to tools, technologies, and research.
The SPHN infrastructure project SVIP has further progressed. We have been able to define the predispositions for a pilot system, which will be presented to our clinical partners in early 2019. To that end, we are working closely with our colleagues at Vital-IT and Swiss-Prot.

Main Publications 2018