What we do

Ancient and modern DNA research have both entered the genomics era. At the Evolutionary Genomics Group (EGG), we aim to characterize evolutionary processes (genetic drift, natural selection, migration and mutation) while relying on genomics data from both modern and ancient samples. We develop analytical and computational methods to analyse and interpret time-sampled data and we apply those methods to novel ancient DNA datasets via collaborative projects. Our work should allow us to quantify and time adaptive and migration events, notably related to the human colonization of the world.

Main publications 2017

  • Ziegler D et al., Genome Odyssey, Chapter 1: Australia. Musée d'ethnographie, Genève, Oct-Nov 2017
  • Dortch J and Malaspinas AS. Madjedbebe and genomic histories of Aboriginal Australia. Australian Archaeology. 2017 83: 3

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