One of SIB’s missions is to train the next generation of bioinformaticians as well as to ensure that life scientists fully benefit from bioinformatics and SIB’s resources. The SIB Training group coordinates and provides training for the:

  • Swiss and international scientific community: We offer life scientists, clinicians and bioinformaticians courses and workshops on various bioinformatics and data science-related fields. These courses are mostly in a face-to-face format with an emphasis on practical learning. We also provide free access e-learning modules on basic bioinformatics topics.
  • PhD students: The SIB PhD Training Network fosters interactions and exchanges among bioinformatics and computational biology PhD students and trains them in the most up-to-date methods necessary for their doctoral research. The laureates of the SIB Fellowship Programme are among its members.
  • Undergraduate students: SIB’s institutional partners offer Master’s degrees and Bachelor’s degrees which are coordinated by SIB Group Leaders.
  • International training community: We collaborate in pan-European and international training courses and projects with partners such as ELIXIR, the EMBnet, ISMB and GOBLET.

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