Christophe Dessimoz – Member of the SIB Award Committee

AwardComm dessimoz

Christophe Dessimoz is an active member of the SIB Award Committee; he also was a Laureate of the 2012 Early Career Bioinformatician Award (read his last interview here). Watch his interview, answering to our three questions:


How valuable is the Bioinformatics Awards for a scientist?

"Most people cannot judge contributions directly, either because they don’t have the time to engage or it is outside of their subfield, so they need a sort of indirect indicator. It can be particularly tricky for an interdisciplinary field such as bioinformatics, where you risk being judged by standards of a different field. (...)"

What is the role of the SIB Awards Committee?

"The SIB Award Committee is composed of accomplished bioinformaticians who want to defend the standard of excellence in bioinformatics; that means not only academic rigor, breakthrough character, sustainability, usability if it is a tool or a resource and overall contribution to the field. In particular, we obey to the DORA principle of not judging work using general metric such as impact factors, but instead to engage with the application. (...)"

Do you have any tips for the applicants?

 "Of course read the instructions very carefully! This is important also in life in general. The committee will contain one or two persons in your subfield, but most other members will be outside of it. You have to make sure that what you write is understandable and compelling to them. These are the ones who are going to make really a difference. (…) Drive the attention of the judges to the non-obvious aspect of your work. (…)”