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The individual cells of a body exhibit a stunning diversity of phenotypes, despite carrying a largely identical genetic makeup. This is due to the distinct ways in which the same genetic information can be read, interpreted and translated into function. At the RNA Regulatory Networks (RRN) Group at the Biozentrum in Basel, we combine computational modelling with big data and experimental analysis to discover and understand the regulatory networks governing the interpretation of genetic information at the level of tissues and single cells.

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Mihaela Zavolan
RNA Regulatory Networks Group
University of Basel
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Domain(s) of activity:

  • Systems biology
  • Data mining
  • Deep sequencing data
  • Experimental biology
  • Gene regulatory network analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Single-cell biology
  • Transcriptomics
  • Workflows

Domain(s) of application:

  • Basic research