Our focus

In the Proteome Informatics Group (PIG), we are involved in software and database development for the benefit of the proteomics and glycomics communities. These resources are made available through the Expasy server. Software tools support experimental mass spectrometry data analysis, mainly for the detection of posttranslational modifications, with a strong focus on glycosylation. We also develop integrated tools and databases to query knowledge of carbohydrates attached to proteins, carbohydrate structures and protein-carbohydrate interactions.

The group develops the Glycomics@Expasy portal.

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Highlights 2019

  • The UniLectin platform was extended to include a dedicated section for beta-propeller prediction (PropLec)
  • The Glycomics@Expasy project now partners with GlyGen, its US counterpart and GlyCosmos, its Japanese counterpart, under the umbrella of the GlySpace Alliance 
  • In the course of our joint project with members of the Bonsai team on the identification and annotation of non-ribosomal peptides (NRPs), we released rBAN that automatically maps NRP monomers from a SMILES input. This tool supports annotation in the NRP reference Norine database
  • We have contributed to the implementation of a glycomics data submission pipeline within a large consortium of glycobiology labs and our japanese collaborators of GlycoPOST

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Main publications 2019