Activity Reports

The Activity Report “SIB Profile” is published every year. The report presents the institution, gives financial information, and summarizes its research and service activities. It focuses on the highlights of the past year and projections for the current and coming years.

  SIB Profile 2023 / Activity Report 2022
Profile22 Cover SIB Profile 2022 / Activity Report 2021
SIB profile2021 cover SIB Profile 2021 / Activity Report 2020
SIB profile2020 cover SIB Profile 2020 / Activity Report 2019
SIB Profile cover SIB Profile 2019 / Activity Report 2018
SIB Profile2018 greycover web   SIB Profile 2018 / Activity Report 2017
SIB profile 2017 cover   SIB Profile 2017 / Activity Report 2016
sib profile 2016 cover  SIB Profile 2016 / Annual Report 2015

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The Newsletter “Swiss Bioinformatics” provides a quarterly overview of SIB’s recent activities.

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