SPHN Data Privacy and IT Security Training

02 April 2019
Cancellation deadline:
28 March 2019
Diana Coman Schmid, Sofia Georgakopoulou, Heinz Stockinger

No future instance of this course is planned yet


Within the Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN) and related national initiatives researchers use patient data (i.e., confidential human data) in their research projects. Dealing with confidential human data requires awareness of data privacy, respective laws and information security. This course explains what should be done in practice to protect the patients’ privacy when performing biomedical research on human data.

For researchers and users of the SPHN/BioMedIT infrastructure this course is mandatory. The course will be repeated a few times per year and at various locations in Switzerland (including a planned e-learning version).


This course is addressed to

  • Researchers using patient data in their research projects in SPHN
  • Project Leaders of SPHN projects
  • IT personnel providing information technology infrastructures (BioMedIT Nodes) for confidential human data

Learning objectives

Course objectives:

  • Train researchers, project leaders and IT personnel who use or operate confidential human data for research projects (focus on SPHN)
  • Provide overview of obligations and practical aspects when using human data on IT infrastructures (e.g. BioMedIT Nodes)

At the end of the course, the participants are expected to:

  • Have a good understanding of data protection and privacy issues when dealing with confidential patient data in research projects
  • Have the necessary knowledge to conduct research respecting both legislation as well as information security requirements


Knowledge / competencies

Course participants should be involved in current or future SPHN projects. However, the course is also open to related activities given that space is still available.

There is no specific background knowledge required.


An on-line exam is available. For the SPHN/BioMedIT researchers/users working with sensitive human data the exam is mandatory, and it must be done a few days after the course date.


The course is free of charge.

Deadline for registration: 25 March 2019.

You will be informed by email of your registration confirmation.

Venue and Time

University of Basel, "Alte Universität", room 101, Rheinsprung 9, 4051 Basel

The course will start at 13:30 and end around 15:30.

Additional information

Coordination: Sofia Georgakopoulou (University of Basel & SIB), Diana Coman Schmid (ETH Zurich & SIB), Heinz Stockinger (SIB) with SPHN DCC

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