What we do

sciCORE is a centre of competence in scientific computing located at the University of Basel. Over 170 research groups in the fields of bioinformatics, computational chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, and economics use our services. Our expertise ranges from high-performance computing infrastructure, large-scale storage resources, scientific software and databases to scientific consulting and education. We help scientists with computational needs achieve their research goals. We operate the IT infrastructure behind several key SIB bioinformatics resources and, as a BioMedIT node, we actively support Swiss biomedical research.

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Highlights 2017

In 2017, the sciCORE team consolidated its scientific IT environment by deploying new high-performance storage systems in support of research with high-throughput instruments (Biozentrum) and evolved its systems (OS, scheduler) for greater compatibility with large computing centres (such as CSCS). As a BioMedIT node, sciCORE is establishing a secure and interoperable environment for advanced biomedical research in support of the Swiss Personalized Health Network. By the end of 2017, sciCORE support grew to about 170 research groups at the University of Basel and associated institutes. Our team collaborates actively with the SIB Training Group by contributing to computing and data-analysis courses for life scientists (about 400 students in 20 courses). On the national scale, sciCORE remains active in infrastructure and research projects such as the Data-Life Cycle Management project, EnhanceR and SystemsX.

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Main publications 2017

  • Heck A et al. Exome sequencing of healthy phenotypic extremes links TROVE2 to emotional memory and PTSD. Nat Human Behav. 1 2017
  • Egli T et al. Exhaustive search for epistatic effects on the human methylome. Sci Rep 2017
  • Cabezón R et al. SPHYNX: an accurate density-based SPH method for astrophysical applications. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 606, A78 (2017)


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