The Next-gen single-cell omics workshop 2024 will offer the opportunity to network, learn, and collaborate with the best in the business: from decision makers in the pharma and biotech industries to clinicians, start-ups, regulatory experts, and research organizations.


Whether you are interested in discovering new solutions, developing new products, or overcoming new challenges, this workshop is for you. You will learn how single-cell technologies are transforming complex 3D models and tissue studies, enabling a deeper understanding of cell behaviour and function in drug testing, regenerative medicine, and clinical diagnostics. 



SIB Group Leaders are presenting:


- "Probing single-cell biology ex vivo for personalized systems immunology" - Berend Snijder & Timm Heinemann, ETHZ & CSEM


- "Heterogeneous and novel transcript expression in single cells of patient-derived ccRCC organoids" - Abdullah Kahraman, FHNW


- "Leveraging single-cell and spatial data for precision oncology" - Raphael Gottardo, CHUV