Through presentations by renowned international experts, you will gain insights into various initiatives, online resources, databases, and innovative techniques developed to ensure the proper handling of cell lines.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to enhance your expertise and get valuable information and guidance on maintaining the integrity of your research.


  • Jamie Almeida, NIST, USA: "Standards needed in mouse cell line authentication"
  • Amos Bairoch, SIB, Switzerland: "Cellosaurus: the cell line encyclopedia"
  • Anita Bandrowski, SciCrunch, USA: "RRIDs: what are they good for?"
  • Niels C. Bols, University of Waterloo, Canada: "Animal cell lines can be considered to have ante factum and post factum properties"
  • Amanda Capes-Davis, CellBank, Australia: "What do 66 years of publications on cross-contaminated and misidentified cell lines teach us about today’s biomedical research?"
  • Wilhelm Dirks, DSMZ, Germany: "Next generation cell banking"
  • Tadashi Kondo, NCC, Japan: "Patient-derived sarcoma cell lines for pharmaco-proteogenomics"
  • Andreas Kurtz, Fraunhofer IBMT, Germany: "hPSCreg: the human pluripotent stem cell registry"
  • Jan van der Valk, 3Rs Center, The Netherlands: "Cell and tissue culture: Let’s not make the same mistakes we make in animal experiments"
  • Florian M. Wurm, ExcellGene SA, Switzerland: "History, science and technology of CHO cells: from early genetics to tons of therapeutic proteins"