Step in the shoes of scientists to solve ancient Greek mysteries

Find out what can be learnt from studying ancient DNA.

MS-GUIDE: A biomarker discovery and translation strategy

Acceleration of biomarker identification to improve clinical diagnostics.

SIB resources supporting SARS-CoV-2 research

SIB experts and resources are taking part in the global effort to develop dedicated data services, analysis tools and improve knowledge sharing to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adding cell images from SwissBiopics to your resource: why and how

Discover a library of interactive cell images for the visualization of subcellular location data.

Europe’s drive to reverse biodiversity loss through genomics research

Biodiversity Genomics Europe: Characterizing and preserving life using DNA data

SIB and Idiap start a partnership

Bringing artificial intelligence and bioinformatics closer in Switzerland, Idiap and SIB signed a collaboration agreement. By becoming a partner institution of SIB, Idiap ensures its groups active in bioinformatics benefit from its national network of expertise, while enabling SIB to access its 30 years of experience in AI research.

"It is urgent that we talk about antibiotic resistance"

Interview in Basler Zeitung – Life science special supplement (02.09.22), by Alexandra Bucher (edited for length and translated from German).

AI-powered extraction of biomedical relationships from the literature

To understand and fight melanoma, it is essential to identify the genes involved in it. What if such information could be automatically retrieved and annotated from the vast research literature? In this in silico talk, SIB Group Leader Fabio Rinaldi explains how to leverage NLP techniques to support such goal.