SIB was in charge of both coordinating the large amount of patients’ data (acting as Data Coordination Centre, DCC) as well as analysing the data to find biomarkers for early detection of the disease. The major findings of the research include the discovery of molecules, which could serve as biomarkers to detect the disease up to nine years before its diagnosis. These results have been collated in two publications marking the successful completion of the IMIDIA project – a public-private partnership of the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) – led by Bernard Thorens of the University of Lausanne (UNIL).


Graphical abstract of the Wigger et al. 2017 study (CC BY 4.0)

SIB, through its Vital-IT and Swiss-Prot groups, has since been selected as DCC in two additional IMI projects to fight diabetes, and is becoming a partner of reference for bioinformatics in European health-related programmes.

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