14 May 2018
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14 May 2018
Damian Conway
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Watch in mesmerized terror as Damian hacks code in several unrelated programming languages (none of them Perl). Along the way, you'll also discover what's wrong with modern computer science education, why programmers shouldn't frequent casinos, the power of Thor's Law, the language of moisture vaporators, C++ mysticism, how to use the three shells, state machines on steroids, programming without variables or subroutines, a cheap and eco-friendly alternative for distributed persistent computation, what the Romans used instead of braces, the ancient probabilistic wisdom of bodkins, and the price of fish.

Damian Conway is a well-known speaker and lecturer (see his official biography or his Wikipedia page). Damian already lectured at SIB several times, and consistently received amazing feedback about his courses.




Knowledge / competencies

There is no pre-requisite for this course.


You do not need to bring anything for this course.


Participation to this seminar is free of charge; for organizational purposes, we still ask you to register.

Venue and Time

EPFL, room MED 0 1418.

The presentation will start at 9:30 and end around 11:30.

Additional information

This seminar is co-organized by the SIB and the EPFL.

Coordination: Frédéric Schütz, SIB training group

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