Focus on the group’s purpose 

The role of the Personalized Health Informatics Group (PHI) is to establish mechanisms enabling nationwide interoperability and sharing of health- related data, in particular in the context of the Swiss Personalized Health Network initiative (SPHN)*, to lay the foundations needed to facilitate research projects in this area.

*The Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN) is a national initiative launched by the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) and the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) aiming to bring Switzerland to the forefront of research in personalized health. Since January 2017, the SPHN has brought together university hospitals, universities and schools of higher education, research institutions, and other organisations involved in the area of personalized health across Switzerland.

The group has two main activities: it is the Data Coordination Centre of the SPHN initiative and it coordinates the BioMedIT project. Its activities cover three focus areas.

Technical interoperability

The group is operating central services for the SPHN network, managing the national network of secure bioinformatics core facilities (BioMedIT project), and coordinating processes for data exchange and management between hospitals, analytics platforms and research groups.

BiomeditInfography sept2019 v4 webThe researcher's new path to nationwide clinical data: trace the steps of Sarah, a Swiss Researcher aiming to identify new biomarkers of lung cancer by leveraging knowledge from patient data.

Definition of National Data Standards

The group is leading the processes necessary to define and implement national data standards by coordinating expert working groups and SPHN Driver Projects. To ensure interoperability and collaborations in the international arena, it also coordinates its activities with international standardisation efforts.

Information hub and training

PHI also provides platforms for efficient and effective information exchange within the heterogeneous SPHN network. By organising trainings on relevant topics, it contributes to building competences and know-how within the network to be in line with best practices in personalized health research.

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Group Members

Katrin Crameri (Head)
Leila Tamara Alexander
Michael Müller-Breckenridge
Martin Fox
Kristin Gnodtke
Sabine Österle
Kevin Sayers

Silvia Schaub