• Data mining: For academic and industrial partners and collaborators we perform data-mining activities centred on uncharacterized human proteins so as to provide clues as to their biological roles and functions.
  • Data standardization: As part of the HPP committee, we actively participate in the definition of standards and guidelines for the human proteomics community (3 articles in 2015, 1 workshop co-organized).


  • neXtProt: Technological advances have made it feasible to accumulate huge amounts of data. But there remains a large gap in our knowledge of human proteins in terms of functional information as well as protein characterization (PTMs, protein/protein interactions, sub cellular locations, etc.). To help researchers make sense of what all these human proteins do in our bodies, we provide neXtProt. neXtProt is a comprehensive knowledge resource on human proteins. It offers its users a seamless integration of, and navigation through, protein-related data. It is being built so that it can act as a central resource of high quality protein-centric information for any life scientist undertaking modern biomedical research. In addition to the human protein data available in UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot it also contains a wide range of additional information obtained by the appropriate data mining of many external data resources using very stringent quality criteria. neXtProt incorporates not only data but also query, download and analysis tools that ease the process of extracting knowledge from raw information.
  • The Cellosaurus is a thesaurus of cell lines. It attempts to list all cell lines used in biomedical research. For each cell line it provides a wealth of information and cross-references. It currently contains information on more than 50,000 cell lines from about 450 species with the majority of the cell lines originating from human, mouse and rat.

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