Daniele Silvestro

Computational Evolutionary Paleobiology

Daniele Silvestro
University of Fribourg

We develop computational methods and software to study evolutionary processes across different organisms including plants, vertebrates, and invertebrate groups and ultimately understand biodiversity changes across space and time.
We use phylogenetic and fossil data to answer different questions in macroevolution:

  • How do speciation, dispersal, and extinction shape biodiversity through time and space?
  • What are the biotic and abiotic factors affecting the rise and fall of species and clades?
  • How do phenotypic traits evolve?
  • Can we use past biodiversity changes to better understand the ongoing Anthropocene extinctions?

To tackle these questions we develop new models using Bayesian methods and machine learning.

Domain(s) of application
Basic research
Environmental sciences
Domain of activity
Evolution and phylogeny