What we do

We provide essential IT infrastructure and services to the life and medical science communities in Switzerland and beyond, and address the IT infrastructure and service operational needs of SIB Employees. Our Group has the following focus areas:

  • Infrastructure & Security
  • IT Services
Main services  Description In collaboration with  User community
Sensitive data*
BioMedIT Node
Encrypted compute and storage infrastructure SPHN and international partners via ELIXIR Swiss & international
Bioinformatics resources on ExPASy Supporting scientific applications SIB partners Swiss & international
IT Services IT services for SIB employees, members and partners SIB partners Swiss & international

* Research and applications in life and medical sciences often require access to personal data that needs specific protection. For instance, genomic information and health records are considered as sensitive data that can be used in research but must only be accessed by authorised personnel.

Core facility activities

The key services provided as part of our core facility activities are listed here.



Heinz Stockinger
SIB Swiss Institute of Bionformatics

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Domain of activity:

  • Core facilities and competence centres