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SIB offers a number of activities amongst which a few online workshops for different levels of understanding. These workshops are at the disposal of teachers, students as well as the layman and are in English (EN), French (FR) or German (DE). Their aim is to describe the key role played by bioinformatics in the life sciences today, and to engage those attending the workshops in activities that are similar to authentic scientific research practice.

A few of SIB’s activities and workshops:

  • ChromosomeWalk: discover the world of DNA, genes, proteins, popular genetic variations and bioinformatics tools which are used to visualize genomic data (poster). Discover also the concept of ‘virtual’ portrait based on an individual’s DNA. Visit the ChromosomeWalk website; in particular "The eyes have it" (EN, FR, DE).
  • Drug Design: acquire a simple yet realistic picture of how bioinformatics is used to design a drug today. The examples given are candidate drugs for the treatment of cancer and pain. Design your own drug, perhaps even with therapeutic properties that are better than those of existing drugs! (Publication, poster) Visit the DrugDesign website (EN, FR).
  • Understanding a genetic disease with the help of bioinformatics: discover a few of the major bioinformatics tools that are used to study insulin and genetic diseases. Visit the website (EN, FR).
  • "La Pizza Métagénomique": understand how bioinformatics tools can be used to identify the different species (animal, plant, bacteria) present in a pizza, based on the DNA which is found in it. This workshop is ideal for illustrating some of the applications of current research in metagenomics (Publication). Visit the website (FR).
  • "Ateliers de Bioinformatique": a selection of additional bioinformatics activities such as ‘Phylogeny and Biodiversity’ and ‘BLAST discovery’ (FR).


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