Christophe Dessimoz is appointed Joint Executive Director, succeeding Christine Durinx

SIB announces the departure of Christine Durinx, its Joint Executive Director, at end of March 2022, after eight years at the institute. Christophe Dessimoz, SIB Group Leader at the University of Lausanne and a professor at University College London, has been appointed by the Foundation Council and the Board of Directors as her successor.

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SIB’s mission, as per its mandate from the Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI, is to be a provider of long-term, high-impact infrastructure for the life sciences and the biomedical world.

Venom factories: a surprising molecular convergence, from wasps to snakes

Animals as different as wasps and snakes have adopted surprisingly similar molecular mechanisms to squirt toxins out of their specialized cells. This is revealed by a study led by SIB scientists, who have conducted the first comparative analysis of gene expression profiles of venom glands.