Compound with anti-aging effects passes human trial

A dietary supplementation with Urolithin A, a pomegranate metabolite, could help slow down certain aging processes by improving mitochondrial and cellular health in humans

Ancient teeth lead to the discovery of a population group

Two 31,000-year-old milk teeth from an excavation site in northeastern Siberia have led to the discovery of a previously unknown population that lived in the area during the last ice age.

V-Pipe: an SIB Resource to mine viral genomes and improve clinical diagnostics

SIB Group Leader Niko Beerenwinkel at ETH Zurich introduces V-Pipe, a new end-to-end pipeline tool to mine viral genomes and improve clinical diagnostics.

Phylogenetic trees: what do they really mean?

Phylogenetic trees built from the genomes of strains of a bacterial species do not mean what most people think they do. This is what Erik van Nimwegen, SIB Group Leader and Associate Professor in Computational Systems Biology at the Biozentrum (University of Basel), sets out to demonstrate in his intriguing and thought-provoking talk...

Evolutionary genomics supports plant-feeding as a key driver of beetle diversity

Just a few days after the IPBES’ global biodiversity assessment was presented in Paris, SIB Scientists at the University of Lausanne published a paper explaining the origin of the biodiversity observed among beetles, arguably the largest species richness in the animal kingdom.

Latest Protein Spotlight: Twisting fate

Life strives on reproduction. Over time, it has found very imaginative ways to proliferate in multitudinous forms - from protozoa wriggling in the bottom of pools to big cats racing across the African plains and birds flying swiftly through the air. All forms of life - or certainly the great majority - require help of some sort to reproduce....

How will Swiss researchers retrieve nationwide clinical data in the near future?

Thanks to the national initiative Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN), Switzerland is currently shifting from a fragmented health data landscape to a coordinated infrastructure enabling personalized health research. But how does this translate for the scientists themselves?

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