Latest Protein Spotlight: Round in circles

There will always be more to Nature than meets the eye. During the 1950s and the 1960s, the importance of RNA in protein synthesis gradually emerged. RNA has always been seen as a linear molecule, a bit like a sentence which has a beginning and an end, and is read from one end to the other, letter by letter, word by word.

Gauging the completeness of genomics data with BUSCO

With ever-lowering sequencing costs, genomic sequencing projects have been initiated for a wide range of organisms, but the vast majority of genomes currently exist in the form of draft assemblies.

Research by SIB's Michel Milinkovitch featured in the 2017 Nature editors' choice

Each year, the journal Nature issues about 300 "News & Views" articles, which summarize and scrutinize a particularly important piece of research published in the journal. For its 'Best of 2017' selection, Nature's editors picked out seven News & Views articles.

Latest Protein Spotlight: When the mind bends

Science has its backlashes. Consider nuclear fission, or the drug thalidomide. Psilocybin is also a discovery that brought trouble with it - though of a very different and milder kind. Psilocybin is none other than the magic referred to in "magic mushrooms".