Joining forces against hypoglycaemia and diabetes

Within the newly started European research project Hypo-RESOLVE, 23 leading international players from academia, industry and civil society - among which SIB's Vital-IT Group and the University of Lausanne - have joined forces to fight diabetes.

Latest Protein Spotlight: More to it

Multitasking is not limited to computers. On a day-to-day basis, humans frequently deal with more than one thing at a time - for the sake of speed, convenience and no doubt productivity.

Spotlight on the crucial role of bioinformatics in personalized health with two interviews

At the occasion of SIB's 20th anniversary and of the recent launch of the SantéPerso initiative and platform, the role of bioinformatics in the personalized health context is in the spotlight, with two interviews.

STRING-database overall best-performing network resource according to a Californian study

With over 20,000 protein-coding genes in humans, discovering those that are linked to a given disease amounts to finding a molecular needle in a haystack.

March publications

Take a tour of SIB members' latest peer-reviewed articles and conference proceedings

Bioinformatics, a Swiss pride - 20 years of service to the life sciences and health

Whether we are retracing the history of our ancestors, designing new drugs or understanding what gives Swiss Gruyère its unique flavour, bioinformatics has become an essential discipline.

SIB, the movie - Swiss bioinformatics in action

Bioinformatics is now essential to life science. But what is this discipline about? And who are the people behind it?

Our annual activity report, the SIB Profile 2018, is out

The new edition of the SIB Profile celebrates the 20 years of the Institute (1998-2018).