Bioinformatics capacity building in South Africa

The development of expertise in bioinformatics and genomics among future African scientists is key for finding solutions to local health problems. However such training and courses often rely on powerful and complex infrastructure.

Torsten Schwede appointed new Vice Rector of Research at the University of Basel

On 23 May, SIB Group Leader Torsten Schwede was appointed new Vice Rector of Research of the University of Basel, as of 1 August 2018.

'Draw me a scientist' - an exhibition around the theatre play Genome Odyssey

First in Geneva at the Musée d'Ethnographie (MEG), then in Paris at the Musée de l'Homme, the theatre play Genome Odyssey invited the public - children in particular - to dive into scientific research and the Aboriginal Australian traditions.

Fat, a personal affair

Thirteen percent of the world's population suffers from obesity. Obesity is a particularly complex multi-factor disease, and the direct cause of common conditions such as diabetes or hypertension, making it a major health issue.

Latest Protein Spotlight: Giving in to time

Time runs its treacherous fingers along everything. The smoothed edges of a pebble. The polished wood of a staircase. The worn joints in our bones. Sometimes, even, the erosion of our memory. Every day, every hour, every minute, we get a little older.

Hoisting the colours of Swiss bioinformatics

As of this month, the buildings of the University of Geneva, the University of Lausanne and the Biozentrum at the University of Basel – three of SIB's main locations – are harboring colourful banners celebrating SIB’s 20th anniversary.

April Virtual Seminar by Sara Mitri: an interview

From robots to microbes, a logical step
If you have a deep understanding of how cells interact, then you can pilot these interactions to the benefit of the cells, the environment or even human health. Sara Mitri - SIB Group Leader at the Department of Fundamental Microbiology at the University of Lausanne.

April publications

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