How the African elephant cracked its skin to cool off

An intricate network of minuscule crevices adorns the skin surface of the African bush elephant. By retaining water and mud, these micrometer-wide channels greatly help elephants in regulating their body temperature and protecting their skin against parasites and intense solar radiation. Today, researchers at the University of Geneva and SIB report in the journal Nature Communications...

SIB strengthens its capacities in data security and developments for the health sector

The start of a new academic year is always a good time to engage in strategic thinking. What are the major themes for SIB's development? Where will SIB be adding value in the years to come? Following the directions set out in SIB's Roadmap, over the coming weeks...

June Virtual Seminar by Matt Robinson: an interview

Predicting diseases, one step ahead
Our health depends not only on the genes that Nature dealt us at birth, but also on the environment we evolve in and the kind of life we lead.

August publications

Take a tour of SIB members' latest peer-reviewed articles and conference proceedings

Participate in an ELIXIR survey on bioinformatics resources for human genome variation

Are you a life science professional? Please take 10-15 minutes of your time to fill an anonymous survey aiming to understand and improve the usage of existing infrastructure, resources and protocols for human genome variation annotation and curation.

Our latest video: ‘Swiss Bioinformatics: more than data’

Discover the spirit behind Switzerland’s vibrant community of scientists dedicated to making sense out of biological data...

SIB Days 2018: Swiss Bioinformatics connected

Hundreds of SIB Members from across Switzerland came to Biel/Bienne on 26 June to attend the SIB Days – our 2-day internal conference and a unique opportunity for the bioinformatics community to connect.

Latest Protein Spotlight: On the right track

Left only to the passage of time, everything gravitates towards chaos. Gardens become overgrown. Roads gather potholes and cracks. Relationships wither, and teeth rot. We have ways of dealing with this however.