Decoding the genome of the wheat stem sawfly, a major agricultural pest

What makes the wheat stem sawfly such a major pest in the grasslands of North America? An international study co-led by SIB researchers at the University of Lausanne unravels its genome...

SIB is leveraging its biocuration expertise for health projects

Last week, we announced a series of communications highlighting SIB’s development axes for the years to come. Leveraging the biocuration expertise of the Institute in the context of personalized health is one of them...

A genome under influence: The faulty yardstick in genomics studies and how to cope with it

References form the basis of our comprehension of the world: they enable us to measure the height of our children or the efficiency of a drug. But when such yardsticks are faulty, doubts are cast on all the measurements that derive from them.

From a popular science blog on proteins to a book: launch of a crowdfunding campaign

Be it the architecture of intelligence, the source of migraines or the origin of cell suicide...: proteins matter. Would you like to help us spread the word?

September Virtual Seminar by Rostyk Kuzyakiv: an interview

IPortal, taming biomedical data
Data, like money, seems to be driving the world these days. Data-producing technology has evolved so fast in the past few decades that it has created – and continues to do so – huge amounts of data that, like a very large wild creature, need to be tamed and tended to.

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Latest Protein Spotlight: Best left unsaid

There are times in life when things are best left unsaid. So you bite your tongue or someone bites it for you. Either way, you are silenced and no - or less - harm is done. Nature also has its techniques for muffling genes whose products are not necessary at a given time, or that are perhaps harmful once expressed...

Cracking the ‘dark matter’ in bacterial genomes

Bacterial genomes are a treasure trove of information, be it for the development of novel antibiotics or the protection of crops against pathogens. A study, led by the group of SIB’s Christian Ahrens at Agroscope, shows that unravelling those genomes in their entirety can be more difficult than commonly believed...