evbcMost of today's bioinformatics is focused on bacteria and eukaryotic model organisms, while there is an urgent need for applying and developing computational approaches in the field of virology. With the founding of the European Virus Bioinformatics Centre (EVBC) in Jena, on 8 March 2017, by researchers from 10 European countries, the very best of European research from virology and bioinformatics has been brought together. Part of the founders, there are two Swiss representatives, Dr Philippe Le Mercier of the Swiss-Prot group at SIB and Prof. Dr Volker Thiel from Vetsuisse in Bern.

The aim of the centre is thus to drive the discovery and research of previously unknown viruses using modern bioinformatics methods. New approaches to effective viral therapies, as well as a broader understanding of the diversity of viruses and their diagnostics, are some of the goals that virologists and bioinformatics are seeking to achieve in this new network. In addition to scientific cooperation, the members of the EVBC want to stimulate new conferences and trade journals in the field of virus bioinformatics, thus helping the field to gain more international visibility.