HFSPO webThe advancement of science, medicine and the society as a whole depends on crucial data resources, such as DNA sequence repositories or protein knowledgebases.
However the clock is ticking for most of these resources, as only a fraction benefit from long-term financial stability. Among the identified threats figure short-term funding, grant competition and shifting political priorities.
As announced today in Nature, an international coalition, including the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, is setting out to ensure the sustainability of data resources of crucial importance for the life sciences. The coalition gathers leaders of funding organizations and managers of key data resources under the umbrella of the Global Life Sciences Data Resources (GLSDR) working group. SIB, whose mission is to provide resources to the international life science community, will be offering its expertise and support to this international endeavour.
Complementary to the effort of the European life science infrastructure ELIXIR, in which SIB is also involved, to define indicators to identify core data resources, the working group will evaluate and identify access- and funding-models ensuring the sustainability of these resources.
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