"Science Fiction": Discover science in a different way

Are researchers austere? Is bioinformatics arid? Judge for yourself, with this handsome book published by SIB to mark the Institute's 20th anniversary, thanks to the financial support of many sponsors. Combining both the portraits of researchers and significant advances in science made possible by bioinformatics over the years, "Science Fiction" invites you on an aesthetic and fantasy-like journey to the land of biological data science.

Through the looking glass

For over 10 years now, SIB has entrusted the Swiss Photographer Nicolas Righetti with the traditional photo-shoot of its new Group Leaders. Floating in water, flying through air, under an avalanche of feathers or lost in a cloud of flour, Nicolas ruffles the image of internationally renowned scientists with a series of unbridled portraits, whose sources of inspiration vary according to their protagonists' childhood dreams, passions or heroes.

Why such an offbeat look? To satisfy an artistic taste, but not only: "As scientists, we take our research seriously, naturally, but that shouldn't exclude a sense of humour. Thanks to Nicolas' eye, we are able to peer through the looking glass and see the researchers on a more personal plane, with a touch of humour and poetry", explains Ron Appel, Director of SIB.

When science flirts with fiction

In this book, no fewer than 85 portraits are gathered to reveal the women and men who drive biological and biomedical data science in Switzerland today. Science itself, however, has not been forgotten and, while lending a human face to the still unfamiliar field of bioinformatics, the book recounts the main discoveries that have made Bioinformatics essential in our current understanding of what life is.

Four themes illustrate this. Among them: evolution and medicine, where readers discover the path that led from the first tree of life, drawn by Darwin himself, to current representations that take into account increasingly huge amounts of data, and the path that has led from the surgical treatment of melanoma to current therapies able to target specific mutations.

Limited edition: 100 copies available for sale

science fiction cover

100 copies of the book are available to the public for CHF 55.-.(incl. shipping in Switzerland).
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