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Bioinformatics, a Swiss pride - 20 years of service to the life sciences and health

Whether we are retracing the history of our ancestors, designing new drugs or understanding what gives Swiss Gruyère its unique flavour, bioinformatics has become an essential discipline.

SIB, the movie - Swiss bioinformatics in action

Bioinformatics is now essential to life science. But what is this discipline about? And who are the people behind it?

Our annual activity report, the SIB Profile 2018, is out

The new edition of the SIB Profile celebrates the 20 years of the Institute (1998-2018).

"Institutions like SIB play a key role in supporting our country's leading position"

At the occasion of SIB's 20th birthday, we asked Mauro Dell'Ambrogio, State Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) what has made SIB eligible for federal funding over the past years, and how was Switzerland positioned internationally regarding its bioinformatics infrastructure.

The Swiss Data Science Center and SIB are joining forces to build a secure data processing environment for personalized health research in Switzerland

The Swiss Data Science Center (SDSC) and SIB are teaming up on developing software platforms, services and best practices for privacy-conscious data-driven science in the context of SPHN.

Latest Protein Spotlight: It's a thin line

One cell. One organism. One fate: male, or female. The way Nature designs things, you would expect traits as fundamental as those that make a boy a boy or a girl a girl, for instance, to be inscribed in their respective DNA from the very start.

SIB 20 years on the cover of SERI NEWS

The cover of the SERI News' March issue (the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation's magazine) is dedicated to SIB, a research infrastructure of national importance, at the occasion of its 20th anniversary.

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