Joining EU-supported research consortium to improve obesity treatment

SIB is joining the consortium ‘SOPHIA’ (Stratification of Obese Phenotypes to Optimize Future Obesity Therapy), which aims to improve risk assessment of complications of obesity and predict treatment response for people with obesity.

SIB Remarkable Outputs 2019

Discover the SIB Remarkable Outputs 2019, a list of ‘must-read’ works by SIB Members produced in 2019 and selected by a committee of SIB Group Leaders and Researchers.

Answering biological questions with federated queries across databases

Providing biologists with a single-entry-point to the wealth of information contained in complementary data resources.

May publications

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Latest Protein Spotlight: Beneath us

One particular fungus, Armillaria gallica, created a buzz in the 1990s when scientists announced that they had found a colony whose rhizomorphs seemingly stretched over tens of acres. However, as rhizomorphs grow, they also spend a lot of time fending off microbes that also want to prosper. Consequently, fungi yield numerous antimicrobial products, among them: melleolides, whose synthesis depends on an enzyme known as protoilludane synthase, or PRO1.

Global Biodata Coalition: a champion for essential biological databases

The Global Biodata Coalition (GBC), an international coalition of research funders to better coordinate approaches for the efficient funding, management and growth of biodata resources worldwide has been created. Its set-up is co-piloted by SIB.

April publications

Take a tour of SIB members' latest peer-reviewed articles and conference proceedings

Latest SIB Profile: explore a year of Swiss bioinformatics

Welcome to the latest activity report of the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics. To get a sense of its diverse nationwide community of Data scientists for life, across 80 Groups and top institutions in Switzerland, simply start browsing!